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"Steve is the famous (or is it the infamous?) "Dr Vinyl" from BBC Radio Norfolk’s Saturday morning show. David Whiteley, the host, has been working with "Dr Vinyl" for many months talking about collectable vinyl records to the station’s large audience.

Steve has advised on the station's two 'Vinyl Countdown' charity record sales and appeared on several BBC Radio Norfolk programmes talking about old vinyl.

Steve also writes for the Archant publishing group contributing to their Let's Talk monthly magazine about vinyl records and music, answering readers' queries and highlighting collectable records."

David Clayton, Editor of Radio Norfolk

Music advisor

"Sometimes background music is just too important to leave in the background. Steve has been collecting music for decades and he can programme the right blend of music for your event. Sometimes a prestige function is so important the mood needs handling carefully in the build up to the evening’s entertainment. Steve can blend a range of styles from more formal classical to cool lounge music. If you need to know what music to play where, and which mood to create when, Steve can advise."

David Clayton, Editor of Radio Norfolk


"However you look at it, the pop history we’ve all lived through is fascinating; the artistes, the groups and the musical trends. Down the decades we’ve watched rock and roll revolutionise popular music and push aside the crooners; we’ve seen The Beatles eclipse the American artistes of the early sixties. Soul came, stayed and morphed into Disco; then there was Punk.

Steve Burns can give your group or society an evening of fascinating music and stories about the recording artistes of our lifetime.”

David Clayton, Editor of Radio Norfolk